What the hell? We started a label?

Cursive has started 15 Passenger with the same ethos of independence, integrity, and friendship that has always been a hallmark of our band. Along with future reissues and personal management of our catalog, we anticipate new releases like No Resolution — due out this March from our very own Tim Kasher — as well as releases by friends and new artists with whom we fall in love. We intend to keep 15 Passenger small and DIY, and thoughtfully grow by embracing new music from artists we’d be honored to share with the world.

Raised with the Midwestern work ethic, it was easy to become enamored with and attracted to the DIY and indie scene of the '80s and ‘90s. Cursive grew up in a unique, creative music community that was inspired by those that came before us; we hoped to emulate our mentors and heroes’ ability to push themselves in their artistic endeavors. We learned from and followed their do-it-yourself attitude. We always supported one another, recording each other on 4-tracks, setting up shows in our living rooms, pooling money to release each other’s music, and attending shows to cheer each other on. 

After many great years building a label with our family over at Saddle Creek, we’ve decided to take on that truly independent work ethic all over again. We deeply appreciate all the hard work, effort, and friendship Saddle Creek has provided us over the years, and are proud of the label it has become. We’re excited to again manage our music, label, and connection to listeners and other artists ourselves. We look forward to this new chapter of finding our own footing in the community, however small the footprint!

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