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“The entire record is draped in Southern Gothic, the guitar lines provided by Price, Mike Russell, and Nick Enderle curling like vines around the skeletal production.”
-- Bandcamp Daily, This Week's Essential Releases

“The Jess Price led quintet has a knack for writing driving, powerful music, evocative of sonorous midwest roads and stopovers. ”
-- Paste, ‘The 10 Albums We're Most Excited About in August’

“ emotive an endeavor as any Hollywood drama.” -- The Wild Honey Pie


"Its rollicking, melancholy, unabrasive melodies are undeniable..." -- Under The Radar

“That an album can inspire such vivid imagery and impressions in this era abounding in social dread is among its strongest attributes, and makes it an important document of this zeitgeist.” -- Popmatters

“...Price’s aching, plaintive cries, surrounded by a rich lattice of acoustic and electronic beats, woozy steel-guitar washes, and occasional strings telegraph its real emotions.” -- Chicago Reader

“In more ways than one, In Rounds reflects its album artwork: as the foliage on the cover looks as if it was harvested from a forest floor, the songs within the album hold the same qualities: handpicked, varied, and natural in their beauty.”
-- Atwood Magazine

"'In Rounds' is a grower: it takes a few passes before its mysteries begin to open up. But once you’ve started untangling them, you’ll never want to stop."
-- Bandcamp Daily, This Week's Essential Releases




Campdogzz today debuted their song “Southern,” the third released off their forthcoming new album In Rounds, out now via 15 Passenger. "Southern" sounds like a battered pickup truck cruising down the back roads of America toward someone else's vision of the "Great South".  Jess Price's cracked and wily vocals never sound more self-assured as she literally 'laughs' in the face of her idealistic lover/driver. Listen to the searing track now HERE.

“Southern” follows lead single “Souvenir,” which premiered via Brooklyn Vegan in late May, and “Run Wild,” which premiered via a singer/guitarist Jess Price-directed video on Under The Radar earlier this month. In Rounds is available via 15 Passenger (Cursive’s label) HERE.

“‘Southern’ is a depiction of what it’s like to love the place you're from while being at odds with the dark sides of its culture. We tried to keep that push and pull in the instrumentation as well,” says guitarist/vocalist Mike Russell. “Lyrically, I think it’s Jess's best song, and it’s a song that could only be written well by someone with that kind of relationship to their home.”