Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven

In Rounds

“The entire record is draped in Southern Gothic, the guitar lines provided by Price, Mike Russell, and Nick Enderle curling like vines around the skeletal production.”
-- Bandcamp Daily, This Week's Essential Release

“...Price’s aching, plaintive cries, surrounded by a rich lattice of acoustic and electronic beats, woozy steel-guitar washes, and occasional strings telegraph its real emotions.” -- Chicago Reader

The Re-Release of Campdogzz’s 2015 Amazing Debut Album, Riders In The Hills Of Dying Heaven, is Out Friday, March 8th

Happy to announce a re-release of Campdogzz’s 2015 amazing debut album, Riders In The Hills Of Dying Heaven, is out Friday, March 8th. The Chicago band was the 15 Passenger's first signing and their sophomore album In Rounds, released on August 3, 2018, garnered praise from outlets including Bandcamp, Paste, Under The Radar, Popmatters, and The Alternative, among others. Riders In The Hills Of Dying Heaven is now available for pre-order in multiple formats, including vinyl for the first time, HERE. Watch the trailer for the album -- offering a window into band life around the time of recording -- also now HERE.

Campdogzz came together initially as the project of singer/guitarist Jess Price and multi-instrumentalist Mike Russell. Price is a Tulsa, OK native and filmmaker who’d written songs all her life but never performed previously, while Russell cut his teeth in bands including Suns, Wedding Dress, and Wax On Radio. The two met while Price was working on a documentary about touring bands that featured Suns, and after sharing some of her home-recorded demos, they began to flesh out the songs that would become the self-produced and self-released Riders In The Hills Of Dying Heaven. The album came together quickly, and like its successor, is centered around Price’s haunting, smoky, and evocative voice. Riders In The Hills Of Dying Heaven showcases a young band with a preternatural ease for songwriting and a homegrown sound that's bright and immediate at times, somber and resonant at others -- and full of the promise of what’s still to come.

“ emotive an endeavor as any Hollywood drama.” -- The Wild Honey Pie

“The Jess Price led quintet has a knack for writing driving, powerful music, evocative of sonorous midwest roads and stopovers. ”
-- Paste, ‘The 10 Albums We're Most Excited About in August’

“In more ways than one, In Rounds reflects its album artwork: as the foliage on the cover looks as if it was harvested from a forest floor, the songs within the album hold the same qualities: handpicked, varied, and natural in their beauty.” -- Atwood Magazine

"'In Rounds' is a grower: it takes a few passes before its mysteries begin to open up. But once you’ve started untangling them, you’ll never want to stop." -- Bandcamp Daily, This Week's Essential Releases

"Its rollicking, melancholy, unabrasive melodies are undeniable..." -- Under The Radar

“That an album can inspire such vivid imagery and impressions in this era abounding in social dread is among its strongest attributes, and makes it an important document of this zeitgeist.” -- Popmatters